Hrithik-Kangana Exclusive Controversy Legal Battle Can Be A PERFECT Bollywood BLOCKBUSTER!

Hrithik-Kangana Exclusive Controversy Legal Battle Can Be A PERFECT Bollywood BLOCKBUSTER :- Well, from long time everybody is talking about the affair and fight of these On screen Couple of Krish 3 and real life enemy and I think now this news can be a movie and we are not the only one who is thinking like that if you see the way these both get in a fight than you can also say that. Well we are not telling you that anybody making movie on them but if someone made that would be the best one well we are not making fun of these but that is true.

Hrithik Kangana Exclusive controversy

From a long time these love birds trying to be with each other than all of sudden rumors started that they both are fighting a lot than suddenly they both started firing FIR to each other and few legal statements also they both are fighting in social media too and that affected both of them a lot.

And what else a Bollywood movie wants huh nothing first superstars meet up and then they became each other’s greatest enemy and exactly that happening with the Hrithik and Kangana well like the way these both couples fighting I can assure you that if any maker thinking to make a movie or thinking to write a fiction on it than it could be the best one.

Well what happened with both of these superstars is nothing but more interesting for the audience as well as for the media because this both past couple is making good impact on the audiences I think this type of fight can be big news for the audiences as well as for the media.

These both actors are in relationship from long time and sources saying that this relationship became the main reason of divorce of Hrithik with her wife also they both wanted to make it private but few fights make them nothing but a news on News channels and now they both are in legal case with each others.