Shocking! Hyderabad: 6th Class Student Dies Because of Heart Attack!

Shocking! Hyderabad: 6th Class Student Dies Because of Heart Attack! :- Well, shocking news is coming out from Hyderabad where a small kid got died by Heart attack. Yes! You are reading right G. Adarsh, a Class 6 student, collapsed at the Delhi Public School, Nadergul. As per the reports at the time of the incident he was climbing the stairs to reach his classroom on the second floor and get down after that he got died at a hospital on Saturday.

Also, Doctor’s reports are coming that the kid was died because of the case of heart attack. Even the local Police said he had won the third position in an inter-school singing competition held at DPS, Mahindra Hills. The 60 students of DPS Nadergul, who participated in the event, returned to the school after school hours at 3.45 pm. You can say that the competition and peer pressure could be the reason of heart attack. Also, nowadays Kids are taking so much stress for being number one and top.

Hyderabad: 6th Class Student Dies

As per the reports, Adarsh informed his friend that he will return with his school bag but he collapsed as he was taking the stairs. Also, the Guards alerted the school officials who rushed him to Amma Hospital nearby after alerting his parents. Sources are saying that he was shifted to an ambulance midway and the student reached the hospital with a very low pulse. Also, a hospital official said the student had started responding to treatment. He was then shifted to Kamineni Hospital for better treatment.

Well, in the end, at Kamineni Hospital doctor tried to revive him but he was dead by that time. Also, Doctors are saying that he could have died of a heart attack. Even after that, some ligations started that Adarsh’s parents had not been informed and that the student was taken to the hospital on a two-wheeler but Mr. Balath Raj, administrative officer of DPS, Nadergul are saying that this is all false news.

Police are trying to get to know more about this case and school administration said “We have CCTV footage to show the sequence of events. We have asked the police to confirm after watching the footage,”

Adarsh’s father G. Ravinder, a farmer, has signed papers to donate his son’s eyes to LV Prasad Eye Hospital. You can say that this whole incident is making everyone sad for sure.