#IGT 7 India’s Got Talent 7 28th May 2016 Episode Performances Video

#IGT 7 India’s Got Talent 7 28th May 2016 Episode Performances Video  :- The reality TV show India’s Got Talent season 7 has started and till then the show is busy searching the best talent among audience and from the world. Till now the panel judges’ members have chosen many contestants in order to give them chance by which they can perform on the stage of the National television. The people who indeed appear in are having bright future.

India's Got Talent 7 episode

India’s Got Talent 7 episode

In the last week episode if the TV series India’s Got Talent, it has been shown that the contestant were performing their level best stunts and acts and few of them got selected. One performance last week was spectacular which impressed the panel judge members.

It was Shadow dance and the dance which presented by the dancers by the graphics lights was indeed unique and it’s impressed the audiences’ anyway along with the judges.

A national ice hockey team also won huge accolades as they showcased their fabulous talent in front of everyone. This was for the first time when ice hockey team participate in IGT as the one of the panel judge member Kiran Kher announced the same.

India’s Got Talent is the Indian version of the American reality show with the same name which kicks started 7 years ago with bang and now the 7th season of the show is going on. Also last week a weird female dancer came in the show in order to impress Karan Johar.

She presents a weird dance in front of the judges and due to her dancing act was the peculiar, she fail to receive thumps from the panel judge members, even from the audiences.

Another participant who steals the show in IGT was Rajkumar who even won silver medal in Olympics but his career fall down. But he was having hope that he will be join India’s Got Talent to showcase his talent which was the skating talent and because of the lack of money, he even fail to learn the same.

But last week he gives a skating act in the IGT, which was spectacular and indeed he steals the show completely and he even manages to give goose bumps to the panel judge members to have thumbs up from them.