Images! Team of Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover Comedy Back With pure Black Dress up

Images! Team of Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover Comedy Back With pure Black Dress up :- Well, you all know about the famous comedy show “comedy night with Kapil” is now not more featured on Colors because of some issues between Kapil and Colors.


Kapil Sharma and his Comedy Nights team Back Again

So the show finally got over and Krishna takes over the Kapil’s show on Colors but the diehard fans what they do if they love Kapil and want to see his show on television hurt very badly. The people want to see Kapil back on T.V.

Also some rumours become trending on twitter and facebook that Kapil is going to start his show again in T.V with his whole team and that type of rumours maybe can be true because media is saying that Kapil is going to start his show so soon in Sony entertainment and also the channel didn’t said this is rumour till now.

Kapil become so famous after his famous show comedy night with Kapil also he become the best comedy actor of the television people loved him a lot and that’s the reason people got hurt after they heard that Kapil is leaving the show.

After the show got over in Colors finally Kapil and his whole team uploaded a picture on social media. And after a bit time this picture become viral because in this picture Kapil and his whole team looking very good in black dress up and people started saying that this could be the dress up of his upcoming show with his team in Sony.

Well, in this full black dress up picture you can catch Kapil with Dadi (Ali Asgar), Guthi (Sunil Grover), Palak (Kiku Sharda), Sumona, Chandan and the creative director of the show Preeti Simoes.

This picture uploaded by Kiku Sharda he said that “we brought 6 black suits in Rs. 2000 what a deal” and this picture become a good come back of all of these. Even Preeti Simoes also tweeted about the picture and said that Six Black Suits in 2000 what a deal!

Well, in this picture you will find something missing and that missing part is Sidhu you can’t catch him on these picture also a famous writer Bharat Kukrati, you can catch him on the picture and he said on twitter “Kiku Sharda did you know that which one’s phone will click good picture? These Suits of 2000 looking like 2 lakh”

And also an another picture Bharat wrote that “Silence before tornado, everywhere is happiness fun soon going to start”

Well, if everything goes good than this show is going to start so soon on Sony and the first guest on this show will be Saharukh Khan.