In Pics: Prince William and Kate Middleton Seven days India tour and much more!!

In Pics: Prince William and Kate Middleton Seven days India tour and much more!! :- Well, most respective and popular couples of England prince William and Kate Middleton came to visit India and that become big news after they reach India they took all eyes on them and everybody wanted to know what they doing where they staying like I told you they both are most respective and guest of India and it’s first time they are coming together to travel India.

Prince William and Kate Middleton images

Prince William and Kate Middleton Seven days India tour

Kate Middleton and Prince William kicked off their seven-day tour of India and Bhutan by arriving in Mumbai Sunday. On the first day of the trip, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge laid wreath at the Taj Palace Hotel, one of the scenes of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks The couple laid a wreath in respect of those who were killed in the terrorist attacks also they both looking so happy on that tour.

Prince William and Kate Middleton photos

It’s cool because the way they both started this tour is amazing first they reached Taj Hotel and gave warmth to those who killed during the attack on Taj Hotel also they did chatting with the children’s during their travel to Cricket ground.

Prince William and Kate Middleton pics

Also these respective couple played cricket with the legend of cricket Sachin Tendulkar and also they are twitting their travelling step by step in their official twitter account Sachin Tendulkar will be at the friendly match played at the Oval Maidan ground today he will attend the game, though it isn’t known whether he will play or not.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Also in the evening these both couples going to gather together with the Bollywood celebrities to eat dinner and this going to be big news for the Bollywood as well as for the these actors Shah Rukh Khan, actresses Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Shilpa Shetty, Alia Bhatt, Sonam Kapoor and director Karan Johar are expected to be present at the event.

Or on this upcoming Monday they going to be in Delhi for their next day of travelling and that going to be good as expected by the these couples and us. Well, also this tour is so important for the both of these countries because after this tour the relation between both of these countries going to be more better than now