IPL will use 66 Lakh Liters of Water for Pitches in Maharashtra, Does cricket score more than farmers?

IPL will use 66 Lakh Liters of Water for Pitches in Maharashtra, Does cricket score more than farmers? : With cricket being one of the most popular game of the country. It seems that any cost for the sake of cricket in this country is just a matter of entertainment and nothing else. What if it is cost 66 Lakh litres of water to maintain the pitches in Drought-Hit Maharashtra?


A Big Question?

You often come to hear the news of farmers suicide in Maharashtra. But what if it pays for the IPL matches played in the state. It is not a new news! As we everyone know; but today we bring it with all the inside and outside story you need to know.

The IPL matches are scheduled to be played between 9th April to 29th May in Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur. The final will be played in Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on May 29.

On 2nd April, the Mumbai BJP Secretary Vivekananda Gupta has demanded it that Indian Premiere League (IPL) cricket matches should be scheduled out of the Maharashtra due to prevailing drought conditions in the state.

In his letter to BCCI President Shashank Manohar said that a IPL schedule in Maha will cost minnimum of 80,000 to 1,00,000 litres of water.

In another development, Former journalist Ketan Tirodkar has filed a PIL in the Bombay High Court demanding a penalty from the Indian Premier League (IPL) organisers.

He expressed his views to be able to meet the expenses of delivering water to the drought-affected areas in Maharashtra.

Tirodkar, in his petition,expects to receive Rs. 1,000 for each litre of water spent on making and maintaining the pitches. He further said, situation is even worst when the state is facinf acute shortage of water.

“IPL has consumed 66 lakh liters of water for making three pitches in Maharashtra i.e Mumbai, Pune and Navi Mumbai. In the year 2013, they had done the same thing. Now this year’s situation is very tire. They need 63,000 liters of water for maintaining each of these three pitches whereas in Maharashtra drought-affected families are getting 20 liters of water,” he told to the media houses.

On the other hand, Maharashtra Court has made a judgement that people are more important than holding an IPL.

It further said that, if the water supply to the BCCI is cut, then they understand the situation.

However, we welcome the verdict of the Court. It will somewhere save the lifes of Farmers in the Maharashtra.