Ishita and Raman has same idea for Ruhaan! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th April 2016 Written Update

On the yesterday night episode of the TV series “Yeh Hain Mohabbatein” it has been shown that Ruhaan is telling to Alia that why your mom bring police her as my Nidhi mom is good and she is neither torture me. Alia said to the Ruhaan that I catch your mom was beating you and you was crying. Ruhaan said nothing like that and asked your mom to stay away from me.

Ishita and Raman has same idea for Ruhaan! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th April 2016 Written Update

Alia became angry to see Ruhaan is criticising her mother, and now Alia leaved and started crying. In the mean time, Ishita get to know that Raman is now married to the Shagun and Raman won best business man award of the year. Ishita started crying with the news.

Mani arrived there to consoles Ishita, and he was about to wipes Ishita’s tears but Ishita did not allowed him to do so. And Ishita now said to Mani that she prepares custard and now she is about to bring the cake for Alia.
The next scene shows that now Mihir meets with Mihika and asked her to explain to the Romi to do not intervene in the Raman’s business also Romi requested her to asked Romi to stay away from the Raman’s business rival Ashok Khanna.

But Mihika replied to Mihir that Romi is doing so as there must be Ashok Khanna is giving support to the Romi in his business and Romi is having development in his business. So let him do what he wants and Mihika also humiliated Mihir. Mihika taunts’ Mihir and asked him to come in her marriage.

But it is Mihika insulted Mihir, and Mihir also humiliated Mihika said that he is unable to come in her wedding. On Mihika looks on and Mihir leaved. And now Raman and Pihu left to move together and Pihu said she is hungry but Raman said that he will be coming back to give him breakfast as right now he need to attain a phone call.

But meanwhile, Ishita asked her driver to give Pihu some food as Pihu is hungry and driver did the same which makes Pihu super happy, although, Pihu and Ishita both did not see each other. And now Pihu rush towards Ishita and Ishita is keeping walking. Now Pihu looked on.