Ishita is ready to go Delhi! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Shitija went to call Shravan but didn’t find him. Vandu got panicked. Aadi saw the flowers bill. He talks about Ishita. Raman got angry to listen to his name. Both of them argues.

Ishita is ready to go Delhi! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Bala says to check about him in a CCTV footage. They all see Shravan going out with a bag. Vandu starts crying and then they saw Shravan with Toshi. She talked to him and bring him with her.

Bala, Vandu, Madhu and Mr. Iyer goes to Bhalla house and search there for Shravan they alleged Toshi to kidnap Shravan. Toshi defence her saying that she brings him along her and when she went to take a call. He left from there. Vandu doesn’t believe her and alleged her continuously then Mr. Iyer asks to check again that CCTV footage to see if Shravan left her house or not.

Ruhaan is happy as she has to shot only for Raman as if Nimrit agrees so. She says she will do anything to keep Raman and Ishita apart.

Aaliya is just about to throw those flowers that Raman brings for Ishita. She says don’t throw them as it is important for her and she recalls Raman seeing that. Mani got worried as she is lost in Raman’s memories.

After checking that CCTV, Vandu again alleged Toshi to kidnap Shravan. Mr. Iyer asks to lodge a missing complaint of him. Simmi calls Raman and he says he will come to solve this matter. Ruhaan doesn’t want to reunite them but Aadi wants to reunite them to see his family happy.

Ishita is lost in memories of Raman and imagines herself dancing with Raman. As she opens her eyes she asks herself that she left everything behind for him and hopes that he must be happy now.

Madhu informs Mihika that Shravan is missing. Ishita also got worried. Mihika asks her to come along with her. Ishita refuses as she can not face all of them and asks Mihika to leave alone.

Mani insists Ishita to go to Delhi Ishita is not ready. Mani says he is with her and they should go to Delhi. Finally, Mani convinces Ishita to go.