Jena Malone Confirms Her Engagement With Ethan DeLorenzo Via Instagram

Jena Malone is all set to enter the new phase of her life as she has announced her engagement to her boyfriend Ethan DeLorenzo. This announcement came after the three months when Jena gave birth to a healthy son.


Jena Malone was seen in the Hollywood blockbuster movie Hunger games and there she gain fame and popularity. Later, she meets Ethan and since then they both are dating each other.

This year in the month of May, Jena and Ethan became the proud parent of a beautiful baby boy named ‘Ode Mountain DeLorenzo Malone’. And since, then there were a lot of talk about the marriage of this love bird.

And, today Jena took the Instagram to announce her engagement. She posted a picture of her son and in that her engagement ring was clearly seen.


Jena also captioned this picture with magical worlds about her partner Ethan. She wrote on her Instagram handle ” One day , after all, the youthful rushing quilts in your heart, you realise there’s nothing more you need. Nothing more you want to achieve than to build your life around love.”

She also added “And oh the things we will get to build together. I couldn’t be happier. I love you, Ethan.”

She did not stop here and went one to express her joy by appreciating Ethan more often with more magical words of her. She wrote on her social media handle that ” Thank you for being the living, breathing definition of a true partner. Your sacrifice and dedication to the ones you love. Your patience and humour.”

Jena also praised Ethan and showed her desire to see hi becoming a great father. Meanwhile, after this tweet of Jena wished came pouring around the world as everyone went wishing her for her engagement.