Kabeer Enters Raheja House! Naagin 29th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Kabeer Enters Raheja House! Naagin 29th May 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Naagin starts with Yogi Raj holding honey and he said that he can see the honey bee and he thinks that the honey bee woll be coming out from the Sangram Signh’s body. Because of the honey bees, now Sangram Singh is unconscious. Yogi Raj says that now Sagram Singh needs to stay in hospital.

Naagin Episode Written Updates

Naagin Episode Written Updates

Naagin Episode Written Updates

Amrita and Kabeer’s engagement party is done now Shesha enter there in the party. Kabeer says she will and shows injured now, and also unconscious but Shesha attacked Amrita and Kabeer now scolds her that why she kill Amrita. Shesha said as she will be now taking Amrita’s form and she will now join the party.

Kabeer also come with her and now Angad and Neha welcome them and they announced the performance where Rithvik and Shivanaaya seen dancing together and they go romantic now.

Now Shivanaaya asked Rithvik to bring the holy Vibhuthi in order to apply the same on Shesha then Shesha’s truth will be comes out. In the mean time, both Shesha and Kabeer are now on their different form and they want to seek revenge.

As now Shivanaaya has been seen performing a special dance number in the song ‘Main Teri Dushman’ and now afterward the dance both Shesha and Kabeer’s truth comes out. Now somehow Amrita manages to save herself from Sehsha and she makes a grand entry on the party.

But here Amrita has been attacked by Kabeer who is an Ichchadhaari Nevla and he gripped Amrita’s neck. Now Yamini blames Shivanaaya and she said that because of you Nevla come here and now the Nevla also captures Rithvik and Shivanaaya now need to take Shesha’s help in order to save Rithvik as now she is not being more snake and she now can’t save Rithvik.

Now Shivanaaya run towards Shesha and asked her to help her in order to save Rithvik and Shesha gives her nod, provide that Shivanaaya has to then hand over Rithvik to Shesha and Shivanaaya is agree with the same.

Precap: Shivanya grips Kabeer in her tail and Yamini made a confession in front of Sesha that she tried to kill Rithik and Shivanya for the Naag Mani and Angad records the same on his phone.