Kabeer Entrs Shivanya’s Room! Naagin 21st May 2016 Written Updates

Kabeer Entrs Shivanya’s Room! Naagin 21st May 2016 Written Updates :- The last week episode of the TV series Naagin begins with Shesha has come to Ritik in the form of Shivanya and she tried to go clos to Ritik. Shresha moved closer to him and she was in the form of Shivanya. On the other hand, Shivanya moved to Yamini and asked that how much she will move with this motive of Naagmani and avenge. Yamini said to Shivanaaya that, she will kill her.

Naagin Today Episode Written Updates

Naagin Today Episode Written Updates

Naagin 21st May 2016 Written Updates

Now Shivanya asked that kill me if this will make Ritik secured from you then I can go further step than you too. Yamini told that she will kill Ritik. Shivanya was shocked to hear so. Now Shivanya moves with Ritik and Sangram Singh in temple.

Now Yamini shoots Sangram Singh. Ritik was about to give the Naag Mani to Shesha but at that time Shivanya came there and explain the total truth to him. That she is Shesha in form of Sivnayaaya and all that. Ritik is shocked to know so and looked on.

Shivanya convince Ritik and make him believe the same. Ritik came to Yamini’s house and he met with Amrita. Amrita confess to him that she is in love. He talked to Yamini about Amrita. Yamini again started her emotional drama in front of Ritik and she false praised Ritik that still doing a lot for my daughter.

Precap: Shivanya and Ritik will come in the function of Amrita and Kabir. Ritik will ask to Shivanya that he will not interfere in the motive of her revenge seeking from Yamini. Shivanya will come to Yamini and will say that Naagmani is in between thousands of Naag and she can’t take the Naag Mani.

Yamini will be warning Shivanya that she can harm Shivanaaya and the time will be said who is going to win. Shivanya replied that yes the time will arrive soon and you will be also getting to see that who is going to win.