Kali Maa Forgive Sesha Watch Nagin 3rd January 2016 Episode Written Updates

Kali Maa Forgive Sesha Watch Nagin 3rd January 2016 Episode Written Updates : The last night episode of the horror TV series “Nagin” starts with Shivanya requesting “Kali Maa” to forgive her and spare her total “Icchadhari Nagin Clan” and give them life back. Sesha is dead right now by the way. With the prayer of Shivanaaya “Kali Maa” get emotional and forgive them. Eventually, “Kaali Maa” reunites Sesha’s head and body and then other Nags. They all escape back and “Kali Maa’s soul who had been arrived goes back into her idol.

Kali Maa Forgive Sesha Watch Nagin 3rd January 2016 Episode Written Updates

Nagin 3rd January 2016 Episode Written Updates

“Guru Maa” feels there is something not right and “Guru Maa” shocked to find that her Hawk attacks on herself. Yamini asks what is happening, why did her hawk attack her, what happened to the “Yagna”. About this “Guru Maa” said that she needs to find out the fact and asked Raheja family to leave.

Rithvik searches Shivanya near car. Shivanya and Shesha were in snake forms. When Rithwik found something skeptical Shesha takes Shivanya’s form and asks what he is looking. He says he saw a snake here about this she said that it is Jungle and the Jungle is Snake’s home.

Anyway, Shesha managed to escape now and Shivanaaya arrive. Rithvik now searches Shivanya near car. Next scene shows that the depress Raheja family arrives in their home. Yamini is very anxious with this.

When Arjun makes fun of all these things Yamini scolds and says that if you don’t know about it don’t speaks about it. Yamini asked everyone to be in there room. Now Shailesh and Ankush discuss that they did not benefit from “Yagna”. Ankush says it all started because of the “Haveli secret”, if they did not have gone back there after 20 years. Shivanaaya try to listen but Ankush and Sailesh didn’t speak about it.

Shivanaaya decides to find out the truth. Guru maa thinks if why “Kali Maa” didn’t killed the “Nagins” and Guru Maa realized that actually “Kaali Maa” calmed down and she bless the “Nagin”.

Shesha informs Bhairavnath how “Guru Maa” killed nags and Shivanya saved them with the blessing of Kaali Maa”. Bhairavanth now gives a red bag to Shesha and says with this she can enter Guru Maa’s cave in human form for half an hour and she can kill Guru Maa now.

So Shivanaaya and Rithvik shown doing some Nokh Jhokhn romantic moment and meanwhile, Shesha enters near the cave of “Guru Maa” in the form of a saint and they sings Bhajan together. Guru Maa was in planning to sacrifice animal to impress Kaali Maa but it was too late Shesha turns to be “Nagin” and she bites Guru Maa. Guru Maa falls down and dies. Shesha gets back to human form and leave.