Kannada Akira 2nd Day Box Office Collection Worldwide Earning Report

Kannada Akira 2nd Day Box Office Collection Worldwide Earning Report :- Akira is released worldwide. This movie casts Anish, Aditi Rao and Krishi. Chetan and Somashekhar produce the movie. As we all know about the promo of this movie hits on tv screens and the internet.


So finally Akira movie released today. Producers of this movie expect a lot from this movie. G-Naveen Reddy directed this film. He works so hard on this film to make it a perfect click for the audience and their star cast. The movie will present under S2 Entertainment.

Ajaneesh B Lokanath gave good music in this film. The trailer received a good response from the audience.

Youth is attracted to this movie. Naveen Reddy directs this movie. He was very excited about this film he said that this movie looks like a Bollywood movie with the help of extraordinary work of the camera.

He also added that the trailer looks awesome. Sensor board gave 3.5 stars to this film. Critics reaction was mixed after the release of this movie. Some of them called it a good and must watch a movie, but some of them are not so happy with this film.

The film earns 25-30 Crores in two days. Akira movie hit the theaters yesterday. And the movie gets around 20-25 Crores in the south zones and the rest of the money in North sides. Aditi was also very excited about the film, and she is happy after seeing the response.

She worked so hard on this movie, as she mentioned. Akira has an excellent story as the viewers said about this movie.
Well, let’s see what happened in some few days whether this film could hit the theaters more or not?