Kannada Mast Mohabbat Movie Review and Rating | Box Office Collection

Kannada Mast Mohabbat Movie Review and Rating | Box Office Collection :- The Kannada cinema “Mast Mohabbat” is an upcoming romantic Kannada movie which is ready to release this weekend on 22nd January. The film has been directed by Mohan Malagi. The film is touted as a love story.

Mast Mohabbat

Mast Mohabbat Movie Review and Rating

In the movie “Mast Mohabbat” the lovely Star Prem Kumar is playing lead role and he is pair up with the actress Poonam Bajwa. Poonam Bajwa is playing lead role in the movie. The film “Mast Mohabbat” has been produced by V. Shekar under the banner Manasa Movies. “Mast Mohabbat” movie trailer create lots of good impression and it received huge accolades from the public.

The poster and the movie both received well by the public. The film is doing same. The youth audiences are giving huge and good response to the movie. The cinematography, screenplay and direction of the movie well received by the audiences. Acting and performance of the movie is also good. Prem Kumar did justice to his role.

In the movie there is a catchy Tagline “One life…One Love” which is simply superb. The film is receiving positive feedback mostly from the public. Mano Murthy composed music of the movie. The Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam also gives his voice for the songs of the movie.

The box office collections of the movie “Mast Mohabbat” is still awaited as today the film just released. Till now the film is having good response in both multiplexes’ and single screen in both Bangaluru and the entire Karnataka.

Positive points of the film “Mast Mohabbat”:

“Mast Mohabbat” is a beautiful romantic film

The screenplay and the direction of the movie is best

There is catchy songs “Mast Mohabbat” movie has

Negative points of the film “Mast Mohabbat”

It is out an out a youth oriented movie

“Airlift” is giving huge competition to the movie

It is a Kannada language movie so probably it will be difficult to watch for the non Kannada.

“Mast Mohabbat” Kannada Movie Details:

Movie: “Mast Mohabbat”
Star Cast : Lovely Star Prem Kumar, Poonam Bajwa
Director : Mohan Malagi
Producer : V. Shekar
Music : Mano Murthy
Cinematography : Vijay C. Kumar
Editor : K.M. Prakash
Production Company : Manasa Movies
Screenplay By : S. Venugopala
Running Time : 2 hrs 10 min
Rating: 3/5 ***

Final Verdict: “Mast Mohabbat” is a beautiful romantic movie and if you watch it you will definitely like it.