Laksh Asks His Family To Accept Kavya! Swaragini 23rd February 2016 Written Updates

Laksh Asks His Family To Accept Kavya! Swaragini 23rd February 2016 Written Updates :- Now the evil twists and turns of the Kaveri and Kavita has been ended so it is now good news for “Swaragini” fans but the problems of the Swaragini has not been ended as some new twists and turns are yet to introduced by the makers of the Swaragini. Anyway it has been shown in the earlier episode of “Swaragini” that Sanskar disclosed all the truth of Kavita that she was the murderer and it is Kavita who actually killed Urvashi Maasi.

Swaragini kavya

Swaragini 23rd February 2016 Written Updates

The Police has been arrested Kavita and her mother Kaveri both and interrogated but the evil duo of mother and daughter didn’t reveal anything and the evil Kavita actually managed to manipulate the police and the people but yet Sanskar reveal that it was Kavita who actually manipulated the Maheshwari family and run away from the hotel by killing Urvashi.

So Kavita get imprisonment, now for the crime she committed and now Kavita is burning in the motives of the seeking revenge from Swara, Sanskar, Ragini and the Maheshwari family. Sanskar also hug Swara tight after she come and asked her that he was force to marry Kavita it was not his choice.

Both Swara and Sanskar embraced each other and tears flow from their eyes. But Sanskar is relief that finally Swara proved an innocent.

In the coming episode it will be shown that actually Lakshya is hiding something from Ragini and Ragini is keem to know that. In tonight episode it will be shown that Lakshya’s ex-girlfriend will come back and will hit Ragini on her head, it will make Ragini unconscious and the ex-girlfriend of Lakshay will dress up herself same as that of Ragini and will sit in Mandap.

So she is going to marry Lakshay by deceiving the Maheshwari family and she pretends to be Ragini by hiding her face with the Ghunghat. And Swara who is actually injured witness everything but fail to stop this deceives.

So it will be interesting to see what will be happening next. To find out just catch “Swaragini” tonight at 9:30 only on Colors TV!