Last Day 103 Bigg Boss 9 Ep 22nd January 2016 Written Updates Mikka Singh

Last Day 103 Bigg Boss 9 Ep 22nd January 2016 Written Updates Mikka Singh :- The controversial reality show “Bigg Boss 9” all set t have grand finale on tomorrow night in which will be emerge out as the winner of the show. The top 4 participants’ which include Rochelle Rao, Mandana Karimi, Prince Narula and Rishabh Sinha reached are excited at the same time nervous too. Last night the housemates like Rochelle Rao and Rishabh Sinha got an opportunity to interest with their fans.

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Bigg Boss 9 22nd January 2016 Written Updates

For this they also go out and they got chance to visit a shopping mall of Mumbai. Both the strong contestants, Rochelle and Rishabh meet and greet with their fans as well makes a vote appeal for making them winner of the season 9. Rochelle and Rishabh were locked behind the cage bars, a huge numbers of fans had been seen cheering and clicking selfies with them.

Another interesting point of the show is that last night RJ Malishka who is popular for her voice visited the house of “Bigg Boss 9” and she literally communicated with the housemates.

The RJ Malishka makes an entry in the controversial house like they way she always arrived. This season she meets with the housemates via a phone call and interacted with the housemates on their journey. Malishka’s entry happens with the arrival of a new day. With the arrival of a new day housemates had been seen much excited and happy. They talk with the RJ Malishka about their journey and all that.

With Malishka Prince discuss about his confused relationship which he shares with Nora Fatehi and Yuvika Chowdhury. About it Prince said to Malishka that, he always made it clear to Yuvika that they are only good friend and they will always remain same. While, Prince also confess that he likes Nora. So probably it is the final truth which comes out in the house which is about Prince.

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Malishka also asked to Prince that why he always fights with Mandana Karimi and always irritates her. To which he instantly replied saying that maintains a limit with Mandana after Salman Khan gives him warning. But Mandana interrupted Prince by saying that she is literally a fearless as she can fight with Prince still. Anyway, Malishka didn’t provide any view about it and she only have fun with the “Bigg Boss” housemates and she leaved.