Legendary Mrinalini Sarabhai: Indian Classical Dancer Dies at 97

Legendary Mrinalini Sarabhai: Indian Classical Dancer Dies at 97 :- Sarabhai was admitted to a hospital in the western Indian city of Ahmadabad with an infection, her son Kartikeya Sarabhai said. She died in the hospital Thursday after her condition deteriorated overnight.

Mrinalini Sarabhai

What a great tribute to such great dancer. Mrinalini Sarabhai by her daughter Mallika Sarabhai.

She expressed her anguish over Modi ji ‘s non-response..

“My dear prime minister
You hate my politics and I hate yours.

That has nothing to do with what Mrinalini Sarabhai did to promote the culture of this country to the world over sixty years. She blazed a trailer for our culture in the world.

That her death sees no word from you shows your mentality. How ever much you hate me, as our prime minister it behove you to recognise her contribution. You have not. Shame on you”

Our Deepest and Sincere Condolences !

A disgrace that the PM does not have time to share a few words for Late Mrinalini Jee and her dedication to the Indian culture who represented all that was right & gracious about India. She was part of India’s cultural construct.

Whereas your father gave us our scientific temper and you valiantly or maybe very naturally (genetically) stood up in solidarity-arms against the Gujarat programmed programme. The PM knows his own narrative in it. He cannot disassociate the CM from the PM in him.

Mallika Sarabhai ,You must be knowing being a Gujarati that Narendra Modi ji is considered one of the most vindictive politician so he never forgets his friends, foes, rivals, enemies.

He wishes everyone on the death and birth anniversary but forgets to pay tribute to Ex. -PMs V.P. Singh & Lal Bahadur Shastri now he didn’t bother to pay condolences to your renowned mother after her sad demise.

It seems Modi even doesn’t actually know who Bikram Sarabhai was. Hold you breath as well and don’t mind because in the eyes of #‎Bhakts‬, you are considered as Pakistani.

The prime minister has a ‘divyang’ mind….he opens his mouth only to have biryani and beef kebabs of pakistan… Or when his friends Messers Ambani and Adani design a new plan to plunder natural wealth of the nation….and of course he is at loss of lungs when he delivers false promises for vote gain….

Even a RIP from his side is not worth it…. Mrinaliniji is an eternal icon and will live as long as art is alive in India…. Her soul isn’t dependent on a set of words said without any feeling by a man(?) whose only obssession is himself….

Mallika Sarabhai please dont expect such thing from such great people they have only one teaching that is hatred..

Let the PM do whatever he likes to do,but as a citizen of India, we stand by you at this hour of grief.

My heartiest tribute to one of the greatest icon of indian classical dance and culture.