Lenovo Teased the next Moto phone in New Video-Flip Back to 2000s Razr Days Ad

Lenovo Teased the next Moto phone in New Video-Flip Back to 2000s Razr Days Ad :- We all have been a big fan of Moto Razr in its time. Recently Moto has added a video which tease none other than veteran Moto Razr 3 with a date of 9th June 2016. At the time of its launch Moto managed to sell over 130 million units across the globe. Well may the event which is scheduled on 9th June is a teaser of some new smart phone which Moto is planning to announce.


Since company has teased Moto Razr 3 in the video we can assume that there might be some flip phone or simply there must be any new smart phone which might be carrying the name Razr- may be the company is planning to announce Moto Z.

Earlier this week rumors were all around that Lenovo is planning to change the name of “X” Flagship to Moto Z. IT would be interesting to see whether in this event Lenovo will announce the same news or some new smart phone. We just have to wait to see what is the actual message which company is trying to convey through this You tube Ad.

As per the reports by VentureBeat Moto is planning to rebrand their two new smart phones to Moto Z. We don’t have the exact details about these handsets but reports claim these handsets have the code name: Vertx and Vector thin. Apparently both the handsets sports 5.5” display size.

Apart from that these reports also suggest that Vector thin is going to be more sort of a premium smart phone and will be given the name of Moto Z Style while Vertex is allegedly dubbed as Moto Z Play. We don’t have any clue what Moto has under its veil but if these smart phones boast flip covers just like faddish veteran Moto Razr V3 then are you ready to buy a handset like this now running on Android OS.

Few interesting Facts:
• It was first launched in the year 2004 and became then Moto sold around 130 million copies of this handset
• The new video teased on you tube show the people using the original handset and has used the tagline “flip back to razr days”
• Though this video we can expect that on 9th June company is planning to launch some new smart phone which is going to be android version of the similar handset
• Going to bring back the flip phones again now with android Os version