Live Updates : Phobia Movie Review & Rating | Hit or Flop | Box Office Collection

Live Updates : Phobia Movie Review & Rating | Hit or Flop | Box Office Collection : well, this weak Bollywood coming up with lots of small releases and I am not sure that these small movies have that much big buzz like expected by the makers as well as form the other cast of the movie. Phobia is today release most complicated movie because people didn’t have that much big buzz for the movie but they are attracting towards the movie in average numbers and that’s awesome.


Phobia Movie Review & Rating

Phobia is directed by Pawan Kriplani and produced by Viki Rajani, going to released in 27th May 2016 with big hype because movie is going to be the horror flick for the people with few erotic scenes because Pawan’s last movie Raghni MMS did the same work in box office and that’s why he is back with new horror thriller movie.

This movie going to be big deal for the makers because this week their no other big movie in cinema also people didn’t even attracting towards the “Sarabjit” and maybe that can be good news for the makers but on the other hand phobia has not that much big buzz and that going to be interesting to see what going to happen with this movie.

Story Based on-

Phobia is an upcoming Bollywood movie steering Radhika Apte in main lead role and that’s awesome because she is pretty and I think she is good actress but I am not sure that this movie going to do well in cinemas. Also I don’t like the way makers presented the story because they didn’t promoted the movie a lot.

Positive point of the movie-

  • Movie has good story and that’s good.
  • Photography is cool.
  • Screenplay is better.

Negative point of the movie-

  • Movie didn’t have that much buzz.
  • People have other options to watch
  • Direction is average with bad editing.

Final Verdict-

Well, if you are planning to watch this movie than go for it but in case you don’t want to see bad direction with bad acting don’t go for it.

Movie- Phobia

Directed by- Pawan Kriplani

Produced by- Viki Rajani

Steering: Radhika Apte (in main leading role)

Language- Hindi

Genre- Thriller/Horror

Releasing date: 27 May 2016

Rating: 2.5/5