Love Games 4th Day Box Office Collection Total Worldwide Earning Report

Love Games 4th Day Box Office Collection Total Worldwide Earning Report :- I think “love games” is one of the worst movie for the Bhatt production and the reason is this movie has nothing good or you can say the releasing timing of the movie was worst because this movie released with “The Jungle Book” and like I told you Jungle book did completely full impact on the cinemas also Love Games is all about seductive topic and I think this type of movies want some kind of unique space to survive.

Love Games 4th Day Box Office Collection

Love Games 4th Day Box Office Collection

Few reasons why “Love Games” didn’t worked like the way makers want-

  • Firstly this movie has not that big faces and that can be the reason of down fall.
  • Movie had not even good story like they told you in title “Love Games” is all about the games related to the love and I think these games fully failed in attraction.
  • Movie has not that good music like we always expect from the Bhatt Production.
  • Movie competes with the Disney’s the jungle book and I think that become the downfall for the movie.
  • People have not that good buzz about the movie because movie had nothing and only for seductive scenes nobody watch movies now days.

Love Games 4th Day Box Office Collection

I think these reasons are totally correct and makers has to think before releasing any type of movie like this because audience is intelligent and they are not interested in wasting money.

First weekend collection of the movie-

Well, like I told you before movie is going through bad time and somewhere makers are responsible for that because movie earned only 1.18 crore from the first day of release and that’s not that what makers want.

Also there’s no chances this movie going to make any money in upcoming days because people have better and better option than this movie even Love Games totally failed and earned only 4 Crore in first three days and that not good for the makers I think in upcoming days movie going to be more down.

Also in after this weekend this movie going to compete with SRK’s upcoming release Fan and that going to be big threat for the movie in upcoming days.