Mahatma Gandhi’s Grandson Lives in An Old-Age Home In Delhi With His Wife

Mahatma Gandhi’s Grandson Lives in An Old-Age Home In Delhi With His Wife :- We all know very well about our nation of father Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson lives in old age home now. Kannubhai Ramdas Gandhi is now spending his last left of life in Delhi. He is living with his 84 years old wife Dr. Shiva Laxmi in seniors’ home in Delhi.


They do not have any children. They are for their retirement days. They lived in Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram today in Delhi. Both this couple came back in India in 2014.

KanuBhai Gandhi worked in a defense department in NASA. On the other hand, his wife was a professor and then she research scholar in Boston. They came to Delhi on the May 8 from Sabarmati in Gujarat.

The owner of the home told NDTV reporters that according to him they both were forced out from Sabarmati Ashram. They both shared an air-conditioned single room. Most of the time an air-conditioned room is available for the extremely sick patient in Ashram.

The room has total four toilets in the house, and 130 inmates along with 40 helping hands are in the house. Kanubhai Gandhi was very upset from their current situation. He told that their relatives were not helping them during the time of pain.

According to Kanubhai Gandhi Bapu’s children are his opposite. They were not supporting them.KanuBhai Gandhi’s wife Dr. Shiva Laxmi said expressed her pain and said that they were in a valley, and they were going to climb out of it.

Dr. Shiva Laxmi stated that it was too late for them to go back to U.S now. The government should think about their condition and take a better step for their residence.