Latest News: Manipuri raped at knifepoint at house in Chennai

Latest News: Manipuri raped at knifepoint at house in Chennai :- A Manipuri lady was professedly assaulted by an obscure individual at her habitation in Adambakkam on Friday night. Police said the casualty, matured around 39 years and functioning as beautician at a stunner parlor in Pallavaram, was remaining alone in a leased house in Adambakkam. The casualty asserted that a gatecrasher assaulted her at cut point. She favored a protestation with the Adambakkam police on Sunday. A body of evidence against the obscure individual for offense under Section 376 of the IPC has been enlisted.

A 35-year-old lady, a beautician, was supposedly assaulted at knifepoint in her living arrangement in Adambakkam on Sunday. Hailing from Manipur, she has been living in the state for as far back as 11 years and was utilized as a beautician at a parlor in Pallavaram throughout the previous year and a half, police said. On Sunday morning, around 3 am, two men thumped on the entryways of the lady’s home after which she was assaulted, police sources said.

Manipuri raped at knifepoint at house in Chennai

The pair had moved toward her in the appearance of benefiting her administrations for a wedding. “Since it was in the small hours of the day, the lady didn’t open the entryways and had scrutinized the men on the criticalness and need to turn up so at a young hour in the day through the window. The men had revealed to her that the beautician reserved for the capacity drop and required somebody soon,” a cop said.

After the lady let the men in, one of the men professedly held her at knifepoint and assaulted her while the other stood protect close to the entryway, police sources said.

They choked her to keep her from making commotions and fled the house before dawn to abstain from being seen by neighbors. Later in the day, the lady drew nearer the Adambakkam police after which a case was enrolled. She has been admitted to the Chengelpet Medical College Hospital for treatment and further tests, police sources said. In light of the portrayals gave by the lady, police have propelled a chase for the suspects.