Massive Fire at Army’s Ammunition Depot 17 killed, 19 injured

Massive Fire at Army’s Ammunition Depot 17 killed, 19 injured : This morning starts with a news coming of fire caught at Army Depot in Maharashtra on Monday night. According to the sources, fire breaks out due to the explosion in Army Depot.


Allegations were made by the locals and the live witnesses , that an explosion occurs suddenly in Pulgaon near Maharashtra’s District near 2 am.

Reports are coming that atleast 2 Officers and 17 DCS Jawaans were killed and other 19 were seriously injured. All the casualities were taken to the near by Hospital where their treatments are going on,under the survey of the Experts.

It is also claimed by the witnesses that fire at ammunition dump was caught and spread after the secondary Explosion. Fire was bit heavy thus causing the loss of lifes of  those who are used to protect the civillians life.

The main reason behind the fire is reported because of the explosion. So, according to reports due to some reason,  explosive device went off and results in heavy fire.

The fire tender immediately reached at the affected area where fire caught , and started their proceeding to control fire.

Fire tenders were successful in controlling the fire and have bring down the fire at the minimum level.The main fire which was caught in shed have been successfully extinguished.

According to the recent reports , the situation at the Army Depot in Pulgao near Maharshtra’s District is under control. New is also coming that the Fire broke out at one shed, at 2 Pm.

The investing officers are trying to investigate the whole situation in a proper defined manner. Investing is going through kepping in mind the other prospects alslo like Is this a planned explosion?, or It is  just a simple accident?.

Investing team are doing their job to find the real reason behind this  incident. While, we can only pray for all those Jawaans who are admitted in Hospital and can only give our console to families who have lost their Son, Husband, Brother, Father and Friend.