Mata ji slaps Prem! Sasural Simar Ka 18th April 2016 Episode Written Update

In the TV series “Sasural Simar Ka” it is showcase that Chandra Mani decides to ruin the Simar’s life and it is Chandra Mani challenged Simar that she won’t be able to save her family. But Simar accepted the Chandra Mani’s challenge and said she will be saving her Bharadwaj family.

Mata ji slaps Prem! Sasural Simar Ka 18th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Chandra Mani now smiles and said to Simar that okay then, just try your best to save your family as you can’t be able to save your family as it is me and nobody is able to fight with you. Now Chandra Mani said to Simar, okay, it is a game and the game started now. Come I will show you your family and Chandra Mani presents a picture in the front of the Simar.

Now Simar sees that a goon come and he is snatching the bag from Prem and Prem is in no mood to handover it to the goon but the goon is trying his best to snatch the same. And Simar is shocked to find out that the goon is Sid.

Interestingly it is Sid is getting support from the Amar and Amar is saying to the Sid that Prem is after snatching our money and we need to kill him in order to save our money. Mata Jee also support Sid and Amar on their wrong work. Simar is shocked to see so and asked to the Chandra Mani that you are having enmity with me then punish me. Not my family.

Chandra Mani said it’s too late. You accepted my challenge then now you should save your family or unless enjoy this as I am not going to give up.

Now Mata Jee fixes Prem wedding with a girl. Prem said he won’t marry as he is now married to the Simar. Mata Jee about to slap Prem but she holds her hands and said who Simar is. You have to marry on our choice. Simar is shocked to see so.

Prem said I wish my mom was here. Mata Jee said don’t take her name. She left us 20 years back. We don’t know even she is alive or not. But now on the other hands, Sujata has been seen. Simar looked on and Mata Jee even slap Prem and said you have to marry her.