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Meet Ranbir Kapoor’s New Girl Friend Bharti Malhotra from Delhi

Meet Ranbir Kapoor’s New Girl Friend Bharti Malhotra from Delhi : Well, Ranbir Kapoor finally moved on sources saying that he got another chance in love and this time the girl is not from B town. From the long time Ranbir Kapoor is going through very rough time if we talk about his relationship life. But finally now Ranbir Kapoor moved on and got another girlfriend and this could be a sign that he is not longer in the term of talking with his Ex Katrina Kaif and that news is good for Ranbir but heart breaking news for Katrina Kaif.


Ranbir Kappor and Katrina Kaif are going through very bad time since the day they both get in relationship and broke up. People who know both of them wished for them also the fan following of both of these artist want to see them together along. But I don’t think that going to happen because Ranbir Kapoor is not in a mood to get back his Ex Girlfriend also he got a new Girlfriend from Delhi.

Sources saying that the Ranbir Kappor is no more interested in make thing short out even he again fall in love with the another girl but this time she is not from the B town sources saying that the girl is from Delhi and her name is Bharti Malhotra and they both meet in Ranbir’s sister weeding and after the first meeting they both started meeting again and again.

Even sources saying that Ranbir Kapoor’s new girlfriend Bharti Malhotra came Moscow to meet Ranbir during the shoot of “Jagga Jassos” and if this news is correct than this is a big news because Katrina Kaif is the leading actress on the movie and surely she is also been there when they both meet each other.

Well, also we have Bharti Malhotra’s new picture where she is looking so good with her charm and everybody surely going to love her. Also, sources saying that the both of these new lovebirds in the mood to took their relationship official and that’s great.

Nowdays you can’t hide the relationships even that’s happened with Ranbir now we have to wait and watch for the future updates of both of these love birds.