Meet Top 8 Pair! MTV Love School 20th February 2016 Upen And Karishma

Meet Top 8 Pair! MTV Love School 20th February 2016 Upen And Karishma :- So this weekend the romantic reality show “Love School” is all set to show an amazing episode of the popular TV series “Love School” in which stunts will be performed apart from showing their loving skills.


MTV Love School 20th February 2016

The real life couple Upen Patel and Karishma is holding responsibility of anchoring which is yet spell-bound literally. Now this week the couples of the “Love School” have to go through a love test in which they will prove how much their love is the worthy by some tasks.

In its last episode of the “Love School” it has been shown that, Zain and Vishakha proved themselves perfect couple via doing a task and they carry out their relationship in the perfect manner. In the upcoming episode of the “Love School” the guys have to measure their physical strength also like the way did in the earlier episode.

They have to also showcase their love for their girl-friends. The boys will be hanging them in the rope and in the rope they have to perform their stunts to impress their girl-friends. Zain and Vishakha will be indeed spread their love and will share many secrets of their love life with their host and dost Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna.

Karishma and Upen heavily impress with the chemistry Zain and Vishakha shares and the couple received thumbs up from the Love Gurus. Anyway since, last week every couples impress the “Love School” professor and but in the coming week a couple have to leave the “Love School” who will be fail to impress the “Love Gurus”.