Micromax Working On Forked OS?

Micromax Working On Forked OS? : We all know that Micromax has gained so much popularity within three- four years. And all thanks goes to its affection towards launching handsets which are not only enthralling in terms of innovative features but also suit the pocket of the majority. For quite some time Chinese company, Xiaomi is giving tough competition to its faddish Indian android makers. Rumors are all high that Micromax is going to move ahead and is working on its own operating system. And the probability is quite high that this operating system is going to be a forked version of Android. Micromax will be incorporating this forked version in all of its upcoming handsets.

Micromax Working On Forked OS?

Micromax Working On Forked OS?

Former Amazon executive Ashish Agarwal said that Micromax is planning to launch their first smart phone based on own built operating system from the end of this year and the good news is just like the other handsets proffer by the Indian company, this is going to be affordable too.

It is not just Operating system which is in mind of the Micromax, it is also thinking to work on some suite of applications which will be capable enough to work on every platform whether it is smart phone, tablet, smart TV or wearable devices.

It is not the first time, when any android maker is coming forward with their own operating System. In past Nokia X series by Microsoft, Fire Smart phone by Amazon and Kindle Fire tablets did the same thing. They launched their own version of Android. The one thing which is to look forward is that whether Micromax will be successful in keeping its OS different from what already is present in the crowd or not?

Vikas Jain who is one of the co-founder of the company, said in an interview that Micromax is not parting their ways with android instead the company wants to discover the customized OS so that they can target the Indian audience and cater their requirements in a much effective way.

In past years, we have seen that Micromax is not just focusing on developing the handsets. It had collaborated with Cyanogen to deliver Cyanogen OS based handsets, portal ixigo for online travel, Healthify Me which is a start-up and Mi-Media which is a US based cloud provider for the consumers.

With these innovations, support will extended to YU flagship as well. To work on this innovation, Micromax has hired 75 people who are from the Nokia’s R&D department in Biejing and some people are from Shenzon too.

It would be quite interesting to see that how Micromax will pop up with some new technology and designs to keep the pace with its contemporaries like Xiaomi, Gionee etc. who are slowly covering the market which was once ruled by the Indian Android maker. Definitely Micromax has something really amazing for its customer and with its own OS and suite of applications, users have to keep themselves ready.

For now, no more details have been divulged. It is not yet revealed that what will be the official name for this Operating system.