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Mobile Number Portability Service Started All Over The India From 3 July 2015

Mobile Number Portability Service Started All Over The India From 3 July 2015 : There is a Great news for the Mobile Subscriber. TRAI(TELECOM REGULATORY AUTHORITY OF INDIA) is ready to launch MNP(MOBILE NUMBER PORTABILTY) SERVICE all over the India from 3 July 2015. Before July 3,The Mobile Subsriber Can Port Their Service Operator Within the same State. But In MNP Pan-India scheme, they can easily Port/Switch their Service Operator all over the India between any state any any cirlce without changing their existing mobile number.

Mobile Number Portability Service Started All Over The India From 3 July 2015

MNP Service Started All Over The India From 3 July 2015

Before July 3,the deadline for Pan-India MNP was may 3 but due to some circumstances that was changed to July 3,2015.

India’s No.1 ,Telecom Company BHARTI AIRTEL Said : “With our complete readiness to launch national mobile mumber portability, we aim to empower customers enabling them to retain this identity as they move across anywhere in the country”

The Airtel Company Ensures their customer Free INcoming/OUtgoing calls in roaming During The Process of Mobile Number Portabilty.

The Mobile Subscriber Who Generally Travel All over the India Always Face The Circle Problem and they Have To carry Different Mobile Numbers For Different Circles But Now The problem is totally Resolved ,they don’t need to Carry Different Mobile Number.


Now they Can change their Operator Easily All over the India Without Changing Their Existing Number.

In India More Then 33 Crore Of Population Uses Mobile Service. So,In other words we can say that the New Pan -India MNP service is Beneficial For More than 33 Crore of Mobile Subscribers.

For taking The benefit of Mobile Number Portability service The Mobile subscribers Have To Follow The some Steps :

1.Contact the service provider to Whom You Want To Port Your Mobile Number
2.Obtain CAF & Porting Form
3.Read The Instructions Carefully
4.Send A SMS from Your Mobile Number “PORT 9999******” TO 1900
5.You Will receive a SMS from your existing operator
6.The SMS contains a 8 Digit UPC(Unique Porting Code) code.
7.Now Fill the CAF Form Carefully ,Mention your Mobile Number and UPC code on on it.
8.Now Submit The Form along With a copy Of your Identity proof and a Passport Size Photograph
9.Now you Receive A new SIM From Service Operator Which Costs you only Rs.19/-

Mobile Number Portability Service Started All Over The India Details

Activation Of Mobile Number

1.The Activation of New Service Provide Takes About 7 working days.

2.After Activation Of New Operator,change Your SIM and use The New SIM.

AS PER TRAI RULES You are allowed to move to another mobile service provider only after 90 days of the date of activation of your mobile connection or from the date of last porting of your mobile number, which ever is applicable.



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  • Sunil

    The most pathetic service of these guys

    I booked my number under MNP portability from Airtel Sim -Delhi to Airtel Hyd with no 9810145893 on 21st July 2015 , The request got completed on 31 July 2015,But from that day neither my previous sim worked nor the new one is working ,Today is the 8th day for this , I am running behind the representative, visiting Airtel centers ,calling customer cares but every day I get same pathetic response that its database issue, and will be resolved soon. I dropped mail to there nodal officer and customer care,But these fools said me to restart fone and insert that sim again and again,then somone called me and said ,call 59059,i clearly told them that Sim is not detected by the fone so how should i call any no ,there is no option there to select network. but i dont understand why these fools try to apply same solutions evrywhere. I am so pissed of because of this issue but then these fools dont listen to my complaints.I would request evryone never ever go for airtel,there are better services in market… Once i get this resolved i am sure will change my no and all other nos in my family to some other service provider..Thanks to MNP