Naagin 24th Januay 2016 Written Updates: kabeer Decides To Seek Revenge From Shivanya And Shesha

Naagin 24th Januay 2016 Written Updates kabeer Decides To Seek Revenge From Shivanya And Shesha :- The last night episode of the horror TV series “Nagin” starts with Shailesh reaching Shiv mandir in order to save his life. Shivanya informed to Sesha that Sailesh has been gone to Shiv Mandir and they should visit the temple now in order to kill Sailesh.

Naagin mongoose

Naagin 24th Januay 2016 Written Updates

When Shesha was about to walk, Kabeer stops her and starts flirting with her. Sesha asks him to go to his fiancé and leaves her. Tanvi sees them together and asks Kabeer what is happening. He says nothing. Tanvi decides to teach lesson to the waitress.

In the mean time, Sailesh gets to know in the Shiv Mandir, that Bhairavnath will be saving his life for now but his life will be on danger anyway. Tanvi who thinks about Shesha that she is a waitress thinks that Shesha try to snatch her and Shesha follows Tanvi.

In this process Tanvi shocked to find that both Shivanya and Shesha is the Ichchadhaari Nagin (Snake Woman) as Tanvi watched their transformations. Tanvi uses her brain and she captures the total scenario in her mobile. Tanvi wanted to shares this news with her family but everybody was busy.

So finally Tanvi narrates the story to Kabeer and Kabeer turns in to mongoose and he killed Tanvi. Somehow Ankush managed to save Sailesh’s life but they got shocked to see that Tanvi is dead. Even Shesha and Shivnaaya want to know who killed Tanvi as they didn’t kill her.

After killing Tanvi, now fake Kabeer who is actually a mongoose decides to kill real Kabeer and this mongoose hired by Suri’s wife to seek revenge from Snake women as she is responsible for killing her husband. In tonight episode of the horror TV fiction series “Nagin” it will be shown that Shivanya tells Sesha that they are alleged for Tanvi murder and they didn’t committed this sin. Shivanaaya says they need to find out the real murderer.

Meanwhile, Suri’s wife is in cloud-nine and she is very sure about that the mongoose will take revenge of her husband’s murder from Nagin.