National mobile number portability (MNP) by March 31 have same no. while shifting city

National MNP by March 31 have same no. while shifting city. Telecom regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has issued a awesome news for all telephone service user. Trai has recommendation for full mobile number portability (MNP) on Wednesday paving the way for one-nation-one-number by March 31 next year, trai has made amendments in  MNP : mobile number portability, now you can carry on with one number only, through out India and by simply shifting your number to other telecom authority or network. You can keep your number even while moving base — say from Delhi to Mumbai or Chennai to Kolkata.

National mobile number portability (MNP) by March 31 have same no. while shifting city

Amendments in mobile number portability

At present, you have to pay roaming charges if you use your number outside your home city. Also, you will be billed on STD rates for the calls. A full MNP will help you do away with these charges as your new city becomes your home base without any change in the phone number. (Source : TOI)

The department of telecom had on November 3 issued amendments to the MNP licence agreement stating that it has to be implemented across the country within a period of six months from the date of amendment of the licences.

“Accordingly, the authority has made the sixth amendment to the MNP regulations effective from May 3 this year,” Trai said.(Source : timesofindia ).

At present, mobile subscribers have restricted facility of changing their telcos while retaining their number within same service area using mobile number portability (MNP). For example, a subscriber in Delhi NCR can switch operator within Delhi NCR only.

TRAI in its recommendation on full MNP had suggested to give telecom operators six-month time to make necessary changes in their network from the date the proposal is cleared. The source said that DoT will make efforts to get it expeditiously done in about five-month time.

The Department of Telecom has set a target date of March 31, 2015 to implement the full mobile number portability (MNP), an official (source : Ibn live said.)

Steps for Porting your Number or MNP

  • Send an SMS to 1900 in following format: PORT – eg. PORT 9999999999.

  • You will get an SMS reply that contains a unique porting code.

  • SMS to the preferred operator quoting the unique code. This code is valid only for a few days, and one must apply again if it expires.

  • Your existing operator will check with new operator & if there are no dues then approval will be given for porting.

  • You will get an SMS on the time and date when porting will take place. Rules mandate that process be completed within 4 days of applying.

  • After porting is complete, wait for an SMS from your new operator confirming the switch. Your phone may be dead for about 2 hours when the porting takes place. (Source : TOI )


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