Neha Rishi Romantic Dance! Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 9th May 2016 Episode Written Update

The last night episode of the TV series “Kasam – Tere Pyaar Ki” started with Bee Ji explains to Rishi that Tanvi has worn a ring that was bought was Raaj. Rishi hugs her and asked to Bee Ji, that Tanvi is belongs to him. And also Rishi wipes the tears of the Bee Ji.

Rishi Neha Kasam Tere Pyaar ki

Rishi also got jealous when he saw that Pavan is happy as right now he is marrying Tanvi and Rishi decides to make him cried by winning Tanvi over him. Manpreet assures to Rishi that Manpreet is already with him, in order to support him. Manpreet also feels sad for Rishi that Rishi must be sad as now Tannu is all set to marry Pavan.

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode Written Update

And Manpreet also find it weird as in this situation he is laughing. When Rishi was laughing in joy, Bani went to him and asked him what happen Rishi said he is just remembering his own engagement on seeing the Pavan and Tanvi’s.

Now Rishi walks to Tannu asking her to come with him. Tannu goes away from him. Rishi follow her, Pavan watches him go behind Tanvi and wonders why he is following Tanvi. Now Rishi holds Tanvi, Tanvi said all rituals of my marriage are now done with Pavan. And Tanvi also asked to him that your rituels is done with Neha. So we are chosen for our respected life partners.

And eventually, Tanvi leaved from the site where Rishi is. Rishi asked to Tanvi that he will be changing this fate anyway. Tanvi shocked and looked on. Now Pavan had a indirects fight with Rishi, where Rishi claim that Tanvi is belongs to him and Pavan said that Tanvi is belongs to him.

Both had an argument and Pavan said to Rishi, that only time will tell that who is going to marry Tanvi and Pavan appreciates the Daal Makhni in the party. Now Rano thinks that definitely, Rishi and Tanvi is having something with each other.

Dance in the Jodis announced in the party where Rishi need to dance with his fiancée Neha and Tanvi need to dance with her fiancée Pavan. When Neha went close to Rishi and she had been seen dancing with him by holding him, Tanvi fumes on anger and jealous on Neha from his closeness to Rishi.