New Twist! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Updates Of 19th January 2016

New Twist! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Updates Of 19th January 2016 :- Last night episode of the TV serial “Yeh Hain Mohabbatein” started with Suraj is provoking the college student against Vandu and they are about to attack on Vandu. Ishita reached there to support Vandu. Suraj that the students are fighting for justice. He also said that we have to punish Vandu.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Vandu cries Ishita console her that everything will be fine in her life. Suraj get inside to looking forward to have Vandu. He is supporting students to attack Vandu. Ishita asks them to stop. The lady says students can break door anytime. Ishita and Bala stop Suraj.

Suraj pushes Ishita. Shagun holds Ishita. Suraj and everyone get into conference hall. Even the management fail to stop the mob. Vandu shouts asking them to be away. Ashok’s men shout and make the situation worse. Shagun asks Ishita to come, and decided to show the real place of Suraj. Anyway, now Suraj takes black ink on his hand to blacken Vandu’s face. Vandu gets shocked seeing this.

Shagun breaks a bottle and asks Suraj and everyone to stay away from Vandu. Ishita hugs Vandu. Shagun whom they believe the students, Suraj, he is a fraud business man, and his brother Ashok has been charged with rape and murder blame, because of their power they are saved today but they are the fraud.

Now Raman arrives and beat Sooraj and eventually police arrive and arrest Sooraj because of the chaos he creates. And Raman also said that they are not the students in fact they are just criminal.

In fact Mihika and Raman insults Suraj badly make him were garlands of slippers and make his face black too. Take the picture of Suraj’s black face and put it on the social site. Angry Suraj said I’ll be taking revenge from you and leave.

Meanwhile, Amma says thanks to Shagun, for saving Vandu. Mr.Bhalla gives food and medicine to Shagun and asked her to take care of her grandson. Amma also said sorry to Shagun. Shagun says touch-up words to Amma that Vandu and Ishita are like sisters to me. We are like family and they hug each other.