Odd-even Phase 2! Day 1 Around 800 offenders till 5 pm, Mostly from South Delhi

Odd-even Phase 2! Day 1 Around 800 offenders till 5 pm, Mostly from South Delhi :- The second phase of odd-even formula in Delhi starts from today. From today you will see the odd number’s registration cars in the odd date and the even number registered cars on next days on Delhi’s road. This experiment is taken by Delhi government to control the pollution in Delhi. The first phase of odd-even formula succeeded in Delhi on January.


The public of Delhi seems more confident this time. The Delhi government has come up with two helpline numbers 011-42400400 and 41400400.The person who caught to break the rules of odd-even will be fined of 2000 rs.

Delhi government taken this action to control the increasing pollution rate in Delhi’s air.

So many problems arise due to this formula.Delhi government suggested the peoples to use metro and bus instead of car.  Women’s complaint against this formula some said “what if i need to go to pick my child from school daily in the same car”. But the odd-even formula made Delhi a jam free city in the working hours.

Delhi government decided to arrange a large number of D.T.C buses on Delhi’s road for public. They also tried to increasing the number of metro’s in Delhi. So that public can easily travel and can manage this formula in a successfully way. The second phase of this formula would be work 15 days from today.