Odd Even Phase-2 Rule Key Points Monday 4th day Vijay Goel Break Odd Even Rule

Odd Even Phase-2 Rule Key Points Monday 4th day Vijay Goel Break Odd Even Rule :- Well the AAP government is waiting to see the results of odd even of Monday cause it is the day after holiday and the government looks the number of traffic in the working hour.maxresdefault

Well its the compulsion of every citizen of Delhi to follow odd-even rule has their is no other option to control pollution and to decrease the rate of pollution in Delhi’s air. So many self-defense volunteers are working to make Delhi a pollution free city.

At the other side BJP said that AAP is wasting public’s money on the advertisement of odd-even formula. BJP MP fined by traffic police to violate and to break the rules of odd-even. The AAP leaders said that BJP never wants to see succeeding the odd-even formula.

511 challans issued by Delhi traffic police till 2 pm on Day 1. And Prashant Bhushan takes Arvind kejriwal on trim as he said that the odd-even formula is a gimmick and their are several way to help people to control pollution in Delhi.

According to Prashant Bhushan the better ideas can make to control it like bike lanes,better public transport Delhi government tried to apply this formula for 16 days at least for making fixtures of odd-even in Delhi.

BJP MP Vijay Goyal was fined today for using a odd number car. He was on his way to parliament and then traffic police stopped his car and fined him and an additional fined also charge on him of 1500 rs because he had not his vehicle insurance with him not even his driving licence.

As goyal said this Friday that he is going to violet this odd -even rule. Later he clarifies that he is protesting against this scheme.And he said that it is a scheme with maximum publicity and minimum effect.