Odisha Dairy farmers spill 14000 liters of milk near Bargarh district

Odisha Dairy farmers spill 14000 liters of milk near Bargarh district : Daily milk farmers of Odisha spill 14000 of milk in a flurry. They are protesting against Omfed authorities’ refusal to accept their milk on grounds of adulteration. They are continuously protesting against this decision.

Milk protest


They flowed more than 14000 of milk on streets of Bargarh in Orissa. They emptied lots of milk cans and forcibly opened the valves of Omfed milk tankers.

Mostly farmers belong from Bheden and Atabira block. All these farmers are from Bargarh districts. All of them are protestings against Omfed authorities. Omfed authorities refused to accept their milk on the ground of adulteration.

But the farmers are on protests they looked in very aggressive and can harm the society and other milk tanks. Omfed authorities should think about their protest. They have continuously flowed milk on streets.

They first splashed 8,000 liters of milk from their cans; then they stopped every Omfed tanker carrying 6,000 liters milk and opened the valve of the tankers and flowed the milk on the roads.

They all are doing this on to the road in Gandhi Nagar.
The CMD of Omfed Bishnupada Seth said about these protest that the farmers had been warned gainst adulterating milk, but they were not ready to listen to them.

According to Bishnupada Seth, some farmers were adding caustic soda and sugar in milk when it went to the chilling plant. When the Omfed worker checked it, then they detected the adulternation. They sent 8,000-9,000 liters of milk brought by the farmers of the society.

But the farmers were saying that “Omfed” had been rejecting their milk for quite some time.Farmer leaders Rangaraj stated that if Omfed felt the adulteration in milk, they should punish the accused not everyone. According to Rangaraj Omfed should accept their milk and punish act against the real accused.