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OMG Tanmay Bhatt Latest Video Controversy Is Planned For Bigg Boss Season 10 ?

OMG Tanmay Bhatt Latest Video Controversy Is Planned For Bigg Boss Season 10 ? :- Tanmay Bhatt is the new controversy king thanks to his recent  video in which he had made fun of two legismative personalities on India. One obviously is the greatest batsman of all the time ,Sachin Tendulkar and other is the Legendary Lata Mangeshkar who ruled the mid-70s, 80s,90s with her Magical Voice.

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Tanmay Bhatt who is well known for hosting the AIB ,which itself seeks a lot of controversies. Tanmay now has put himself into a new controversy as he made a video in which he was seen mimicking the Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar.

He is highly criticised by many of the Bollywood actors including Anupam Kher, Riteish Deshmukh, Selina Jaitley and Legendary Cricketer Sunil Gavaskar. All were angry and telling  him that whatever he had done was not a comedy .

Tanmay Bhatt gave his video the title “Sachin Vs Lata – the Civil War”. He has been under the fire, due to his   statements like, “Phuck u Virat” , Virat is too good with bat and ladies” , “Lata tai you are 5000 years old ,so stay out of this Phuck. Have you ever seen your you face, it looks like tour face have been kept in water for a number of days”.

All these statement he used in his recent videos for making fun of Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin tendulkar.

A complaint has already been registered against Tanmay Bhatt for insulting Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangheskhar.

While Lata ji, in a recent interview mention that she has not seen the video neither she has any inclination to do so and she will gonna not comment on the controversy and also mention that she do not know who is Tanmay Bhat.

Meanwhile on the other side Sachin Tendulkar is completely quite about this video.

Cops contacted the social medias like Facebook and youtube to block  Tanmay’s video which includes insults of Sachin and Lata ji.

But the the question arise , Is Tanmay Bhat Bhat trying to crab attention and popularity. If Yes, then is  successful in doing so and  might get selected in the most controversial reality show “Bigg Boss 10” who is going to return on Colors Tv for its 10th season.

Bigg Boss franchise have a history of making its various seasons with controversial individuals like , “Andrew Symond” ( Former Australian Cricket Alrounder), “Rakhi Sawant” , “Veena Malik”, Pornstar turn into actor “Sunny Leone”. All these participants were  in big boss house, just because of their various controversies.

Tanmay Bhat will be perfect candidate to be inside the house, as Bigg Boss franchise is looking for someone who can make their show superhit again like Season 8 as their previous season was lukewarn and season just ran because of its host Salman khan.

Keeping in mind the failure of previous season , Bigg Boss team management must be thinking about Tanmay bhatt , who can bring their show’s TRP back on track.

There is a mix emotions from the fans , some are criticising him,  while other are just taking this video as a joke.

Tanmay Bhatthas already been the most controversial individual this year and people are just waiting how he reacts to this Situation.

May be, he will show his  interest to go inside Big Boss House and may sees this as a opportunity to change his image in the minds of different people of India.

Well we can only hope, that Tanmay Bhatt will realise the difference between  a comedy and insult. Comedy is comedy only when, it is within the lines otherwise it becomes insult.