OnePlus 10,000mAh Power Bank now available at Flipkart @ Rs 1,799

OnePlus 10,000mAh Power Bank now available at Flipkart @ Rs 1,799 :- One Plus which is popularly known for its smart phone ranges like One and Two has come up with its own 10,000mah power bank. It was in the month of May last year that the company introduced their power bank flagship for the first time but soon it went out of the stock, then company again came up with the stock in the month of December. Now One Plus has collaborated with the faddish Indian retailer “Flipkart” for the sale of their 10,000mAh power banks. These power banks are introduced at the competitive price of INR 1,799 which is definitely alluring enough.

OnePlus power bank

OnePlus 10,000mAh Power Bank

Earlier this handset was launched at the starting price of INR 1,399 which is INR 400 less than the current amount. One Plus cites the increase in operation and production cost as the reason for this increase in the price. Company touts that their device is the best in terms of quality, performance and holding the charge in comparison to the other power banks which are available in the market.

One can get this power bank in two enticing color variants i.e Sandstone black and Silk white. To make the handset look more tempting, company has given it a note-pad like design. Apart from that it features curve edges so that one can easily get hold of the handset and it measures 14.3×1.6×7.3cm in dimension. With a gentle shake one can easily awake the Power Bank’s battery indicator LED.

It delivers 10,000MAh capacity, hence letting one charge their One Plus One smart phone three times in a row. Moreover to charge two devices simultaneously, it comes along with two USB ports. Since it incorporates Lithium polymer technology, it is very lightweight and easy to carry. Along with the power bank one also gets one USB cable.

One must be thinking that why the availability of this power bank is so scarce in the market. One Plus mentioned “strict regularities” and “lengthy certification process” as the reason behind its unavailability in the market. And as we have mentioned above in the month of December only company signaled the probability of hike in prices of this device in 2016. One may get the option to buy this power bank on “Amazon” as well but as he will open the link, it will be shown that there are no stocks available.

Summing up the features of One Plus 10,000mAh power bank:
• Available in sandstone black and Silky white color variants
• 10,000mAh power bank with Lithium-polymer batteries
• Measures 14.3×1.6×7.3cm in dimension and weighs 220grams
• Lithium-Polymer batteries making the device light weight and easy to use
• Input: 5V/2V
• Can charge the device in 5.5hours
• To simultaneously charge the two devices at a time includes two USB ports (5V-2V)
• To prevent the over-charging or over heating conditions, safety measures are taken
• With a gentle shake, one can easily wake up the battery indicators LED
• Presence of no buttons on the body of the device
• Priced at INR 1,799 and available exclusively at Flipkart