Pari and her mom decides to finish Sona! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th April 2016 Written Update

The soap opera “Saath Nibhana Saathiya” last night episode start with Meera is coming from the jail to shift in an another jail and she is surrounded with the police. Ahem rush towards to meet with her and shockded to see that her face has been became red and asked her what happen but Meera did not replied to her dad that it is she has been tortured in the cell. And now Meera started crying and hug Ahem.

Pari and her mom decides to finish Sona! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th April 2016 Written Update

Now the police say that the they need to go now and Ahem looked on and hug Meera. In the Suryavanshi Gaura has been seen planning her next step and now Dharam’s daughter join her and asked to her that she is very unhappy for the sudden demise of the Dharam.

Now Gaura asked to Naiya that she will be make Dharam’s killer the punishment and also make sure that Vidya will be compel to give her son to the Naiya. Gaura said to the Naiya that let me finish Meera first then I will be finishing Vidya.

Meanwhile, in the Modi house Sona has been insulted badly by Pari and her mom but Sona replied them in her own style which makes Pari and her mom angry and they decides to finish Sona now. In the mean, Gopi and Kokila reached to the Suryavanshi house and try to explain Gaura that Meera did not killed Dharam and you know that.

Gaura is in no mood to believe the same and had an argument with Gopi and Kokila. And now the argument heated which makes Gaura excited and she fainted.

It is Meera already accepted in the front of the police that she did wanted divorce from the Dharam but she was in love with him and she did not killed him. She even can’t think of it and now Gopi and Kokila is worry for it. But now with the discussion Kokila has been fainted and everybody is worry now.

Durga and Naiya and everybody surrounded Gaura to know why she fainted and Kokila and Gaura is shocked and looked on. They put some water sprinkle on her face and still Gaura is fainted. Everybody is scared now. Kokila is prayed to god that everything will will be fine.