Parineeta is shocked! Swaragini 5th May 2016 Written Update

In the last night episode of the TV series “Swaragini”, it has been shown that Swara told Ragini that Rajat kidnapped Parineeta. Ragini was shocked of knowing this. At that time Lakshya and Sanskar came there and heard everything. They all now decide to reveal Rajat in the front of Maheshwari and they also decide to save Pareenita from Rajat.

Parineeta is shocked! Swaragini 5th May 2016 Written Update

And Sanskar said that we need to stop Uttara’s wedding with the Rajat as Rajat is going to ruin her life. Now Swara, Sanskar, Lakshay and Ragini decided to join in order to expose Rajat. Swara was crying and said we can’t do this because Rajat is having Uttara’s and his private pictures which he will post on internet if we will tell anyone of this all. Actually Rajat wants to have the wedding and Swara decides to prevent it with her gang as she doesn’t let Uttara’s life to ruin.

In the mean time, suddenly, Sumi started vomiting after having milk, given to her by the Dadi. Shekhar call doctor and the doctor managed to save Sumi and her baby but it is also the doctor stated that in the milk, Sumi drink, there was poison. Shekahr and Sumi ate shocked to hear so.

Now Shekhar came there be broke the glass. And said that Maa added poison in this and she wants to kill our baby. Dadi said that yes she wants to kill this baby as afer the birth of this baby; I will be ashamed in the society.
On the other scene, somehow, Swara and Sanskar manged to went in the Rajat’s house and Sanskar had been seen trying to find the intimate pictures of Uttara and Rajat from the Rajat’s laptop. Rajat fake parents suddenly come and said to the Swara and Sanskar that, now Rajat is coming in order to teach you lesson.

And also the fake parents hold Swara and Sanskar by showing them knife, when they were try to run away. On the other hand, Shekhar shouted at Dadi and Sarmishtha also scream, against Dadi, as the Dadi is try to kill her baby and also Sarmishtha, warned Dadi to stay away from her baby and now, she and Shekhar will be taking care of the baby.