Parineeta looks upset! Swaragini 13th April 2016 Episode Written Update

The last night episode of the TV series “Swaragini” starts with the feast ceremony is going on in the Maheshwari family as the Pooja ceremony is done now and the brides are doing fasting from morning but as per the ritual it is the husband will be getting honour to feed their wife which everybody is excited to do.

Parineeta looks upset! Swaragini 13th April 2016 Episode Written Update

But much before that it is Adarsh and Pareeniti had a fight and now they rush towards their own room to find out that Adarsh is very angry now. Pareeniti is now trying to make him cool but Adarsh is in no mood to speak with her. Now all the male members of the Maheshwari family feed their wives food and now Surekha asked Uttara to break her fast but Uttara said that she will be having food later on.

Sujata is shocked as Uttara is foodie and being food how she can deny taking food after whole day fast and eventually some romantic moments share by the couple. Ragini said to Annapurna that we can send the dinner plate of the Adarsh Bhaiyaa and Pareenita Bhabhi in their room as may be they are in mood to have food in their own room and Uttara said that she will be take away the food in their room.

Ragini said okay and give her the food plate and now Uttara take it to the Adarsh and Pareeniti’s room and meanwhile, eventually Uttara’s boyfriend call her and now she moves to the terrace to meet with him and to complete her Vrat by eating food from his hands.

Swara was also there when Uttara was going in the terrace but Swara did not realised and Swara was busy in her own life. Now Uttara meet with her boyfriend but still his face is not shown. In the mean time, Dadi and Sumi discussed how Pareenita fights with her husband as never ever she showcased her this image.

In the mean time, Pareenita decides to grab her lost position again in the Maheshwari family as the eldest daughter in law and from now onwards she will not bear anybody’s torture or atrocities on her. Pareeniti actually promised this to herself.