Patali Devi To Comeback! Sasural Simar Ka 10 April 2016 Written Updates Episode

Patali Devi To Comeback! Sasural Simar Ka 10 April 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The family drama turn horror TV series “Sasural Simar Ka” it has been yet to witness that it is the Patali Devi is all set to making her comeback in the show “Sasural Simar Ka” in order to ruin the Sima’s life. It is actually she is making comeback to kill Rolie. This is so as the Patali Devi is desperate to seek revenge from the Bhardwaj family.

sasural simar ka

It is saying that in the upcoming episode of the horror daily soap “Sasural Simar Ka” it is the evil Patali Devi who has been killed by the Simar is making comeback to seek revenge from the Bharadwaj family and this time Patali Devi is the more powerful and more scary.

This is the evil Devi will be trapped into an idol till now and she had been comeback from the Patal Lok, and this time she is having a grand comeback.

In the previous episode of the TV series it has been shown that the Shaitan has taken Roli to the jungle, but he cannot kill her as another evil force fight with him and defeated him. Interestingly, this is the evil force which has been hidden in the Bharadwaj house in the form of an idol. In the upcoming episodes, Shaitan will manage to bring to mind the sleeping Patali Devi and she will be killing Rolie eventually.

It will be interesting to see whether Simar and the Bharadwaj family will be able to save Rolie from being killed as it is obviously Simar will be trying her best to save Simar.

Rolie aka Avika Gor is excited for the upcoming episode. Although, till now she did not clear that how Rolie is going to die, she only says that it is sure shot Patali Devi aka Meghna Naidu is going to kill her. And Avika confirm the news by saying that, “She’s an old friend and I am happy Roli is going to die at her hands,” Avika has said.

Meghna also confirmed her comeback and says that, “Yes, Patali Devi is coming back to make Simar’s aka Deepika Kakkar’s life hell. The character is very close to my heart… also I have been awarded for the role. It’s fun to play the character”.