Pavitra Pushes Aradhya From Terrace! Krishnadasi 6th May 2016 Episode Written Update

Pavitra Pushes Aradhya From Terrace! Krishnadasi 6th May 2016 Episode Written Update :- In the last night episode of the TV series “Krishnadaasi”, it has been shown that Kumudini asks Abba to start it, now Abba starts digging pits and leaves. Villagers are digging pits, Aryan is helping, and Banwari was also busy digging the same and Kumudini asked to Banwari that, you are looking good.


Now Purva comes there, and Abba asks her to take part in this good work. Purva comes to Aradhya and greets her, Aradhya also greets Purva and they had some friendly conversations. Purva also had been seen digging plants and now Aryan come and joins them.

Krishnadasi Episode Written Update

Aryan also now say thanks to Purva as she comes here in order to help, Aradhya, but Purva said about this, that I am not here come to help Aradhya or anybody, I am here for a noble work, I am here come as I am also in support to save water.

Now everybody was busy digging the plant and mud and while Aradhya was busy in mud, Aryan went near her and asked her to take care as Aryan doesn’t want Aradhya to work hard and Purva became jealous on hearing this.
The friendly conversations, Aradhya were having with Aryan disturbs Purva and she fumed on the anger on seeing this.

In the meantime, the ring Aradhya had in her hands, which was the traditional ring of the Rao family, lost in the mud. And Aradhya now tries to search the same. The other scene shows that Kumudini asked Tulsi, that Aradhya is doing nice work for the villagers. Tulsi now praised Aradhya.

In the meantime, Aradhya shares with the Aryan that she lost the traditional ring of the Rao family, Sashwat hear this and said, it is okay, Aradhya, don’t think about it much but Abba Saheb hear this and fumes on the anger.

Abba Saheb now went to Aradhya and said to her that, it is inappropriate as how can you be so careless? How can you lose the traditional ring of the Rao family and Aradhya seek apology for her mistake but Abba scolded Aradhya.
In the tonight episode of the TV series, “Krishnadaasi”, it will be shown that Pavitra will push Aradhya from the terrace and Aradhya will be falling down and getting severe injuries, Aryan rush towards Aradhya, in order to save her.