Powerful Earthquake Struck In Ecuador’s Disaster Striken Coast 6.0 Magnitude

Powerful Earthquake Struck In Ecuador’s Disaster Striken Coast 6.0 Magnitude :- A powerful earthquake struck in Ecuador’s disaster stricken coast on Thursday. A massive 7.8 magnitude quake hit Ecuador last Saturday. The number now increases to 587 that around 587 people was killed in earthquake in 1 decade.people-receive-donations

Thursday the country faced another earthquake of 6.0 magnitude. Every people started running after the earthquake struck their and then they called the rescue operators. The rescue operators were on their work they were finding peoples and saving them. Some of the people buried under the building and some of them came out from the building during the incident.

So many breezes and building can be seen totally damaged their and the wall of the most of the houses can seen broken or crack their. Their president Rafael Correa announced that they will increase the sales tax on so that money can be compensate. So much money are needed and spending to recover everything their.

Earthquake injured so many people their even the country need help their and their president said that its just the beginning they should be ready for more. Everyone should be ready to fight from this natural disaster. President said that every millionaire and every person who earns money would help those injured people.

Taxes on company will also arise. President Rafael correa also looking for drawing on 600 million from world bank as a loan. Manufacturing companies are also affected by this cause the economy is dollarized. The entire city was seen by the helicopters. Most of the city looks ruined and completely damaged after the earthquake.

People can be seen everywhere asking for help. The rescue teams are doing their work very hard their and every country should increase their hand for help and for money to cause money can compensate and recover their damages.