Pragya and Abhi argue! Kumkum Bhagya 8th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

In the last episode of the TV series “Kumkum Bhagya” it has been shown that Pragya planned to trap Nikhil in her plan to make him doing the confession of the Tanu’s truth to brings out the truth. Now as per planned of the Tanu and the Aliya it is Aliya has been saved Tanu from getting hit by a car anonymously.

Pragya and Abhi argue! Kumkum Bhagya 8th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

Now Tanu after the accident emotionally blackmail Abhi by saying that it is Aliya need to come in the Mehra house as it is because of her today I am alive and our unborn kid is also saved. Abhi became emotional to allow Tanu to bring Aliya in the Mehra house in order to give a slap on the Pragya’s face.

Pragya is shocked to see so but can’t speak anything in the front of the Abhi and finally witness all the Tamashas in the house which has been started by the Tanu and Aliya. Now Aliya and Tanu is in cloud nine but now Aliya have to behave like a victim of accident whose hands has been broken and she can’t even walk in order to use the wheel chair.

Now Abhi asked Aliya to shift in her room in order to take rest as she is right now wounded and Abhi asked Tanu to make her reached in her room and to spend some quality time together as right now Aliya need help and support. Tanu gives her nod and make her reached in her room.

Now in the close room it is Aliya and Tanu has been caught by Pragya from the backside of theuir door who listen everything that it is nothing happened with the Tanu and Aliya is also fit and fine. It is all the conspiracy of the Tanu and Aliya to make Abhi fool in order to making entry in the Mehra house in the mission to drive Pragya out from the house unless Pragya will be making the same.

Pragya listens everything and shocked to hear so and decides to stay alert now. And Pragya also thinks that she is right being sceptical about two friends Aaliya and Tanu. In the mean time, Pragya had an encounter with the Tanu and warned Tanu that it is Pragya is aware of the Tanu and Aliya reality and due to Pragya is aware of everything; Pragya now scared Tanu by saying that she is planning something big to reveal these 2 evil minds like sisters.

Tanu fumes on anger with the Pragya’s words and looked on. Pragya taunts Tanu by saying I am busy planning my new steps, meanwhile, Tanu you should plan your next step and you can enjoy your winning moment now. Tanu looked on and shocked!!!