Pragya looks Abhi emotionally! Kumkum Bhagya 27th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Akash, Purab and Tannu are going to the home together in a car. Tannu offers them to accompany her they refuse and cross offer her. Tannu again offers them to accompany her as Pragya will soon leave the house after the divorce. They ask him to shut up else they will get her out of the car.

Pragya looks Abhi emotionally! Kumkum Bhagya 27th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Next morning, Pragya offers prayer to the god. Aaliya came there and asks Pragya to step back. Pragya asks her to leave Tannu’s side and accompany her brother Abhi.

Aaliya asks Tannu to do something to marry Abhi as soon as possible. She asks her to go to stop waiting for legalities and go to the gynaecologist so that they can convince Abhi to marry her soon by showing him fake reports.

Dadi and Pragya are worried about the lies they told to Abhi. She asked everybody to not to make any plans without her assent.

Tannu and Aaliya try to convince Raj to support them as soon they are going to be the ruler of the house. But Raj refuses.

Pragya enters and tries to avoid contact with Abhi. Abhi alleged him as she lied to her but she says she didn’t lie she just hide the truth and both are the different things.

Tannu and Aaliya enter to the Abhi’s room and show him a report stating that her baby is premature and she can have delivery anytime. So they have to marry as soon as possible without waiting for the further processing of the divorce. They got succeed in convincing him to marry Tannu within 12 hours.


Pragya is waiting for Purab who gave her a sorry card to apologize for everything happened yesterday. Pragya gets emotional with this and asks him to not take any kind of step without her permission.

Everybody thinks and tell their ideas to stop Tannu. While this discussion, Pragya got to know that Tannu is waiting for her in her room.


Abhi recalls Pragya about their first meeting and asks her to lift her again in his arms. Pragya looks at him emotionally.