Pragya takes advantage of Abhi! Kumkum Bhagya 11th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Pragya takes advantage of Abhi! Kumkum Bhagya 11th May 2016 Episode Written Updates : Pragya helps Abhi for helping him to compose a song. Abhi kisses her. Pragya forgot the lyrics as he kisses her. Abhi asks her to kiss again so that she would regain her memory. Pragya runs away from him. She bumps into Tannu. Abhi tells him the whole scene and she got angry. Pragya teases Abhi.


Kumkum Bhagya 11th May 2016 Written Updates

Sarla recalls Nikhil’s words and she is worried about Pragya. Pragya is happy as his love gives her strength and courage. Pragya got a call from Nikhil’s wife. She thinks someone is fooling her but she convinces her to make her believe what she is saying. Pragya got convinced to an extent but She heard someone known. She doubts and meanwhile the call got disconnected.

The lady who called Pragya is none other than Tannu and she is worried as if Pragya might sense her. Pragya calls her again but she didn’t receive the call. Dadi called her and asks to do something for Tannu Pragya asks to wait for some time.

Pragya calls again on that number she heard a phone that is ringing in Tannu’s room. Tannu saw her reflection in the mirror and pretends like she is talking to her mother. Pragya feels relieved. Tannu says to Pragya that she owns more right on Abhi than her.

Pragya is convinced with that lady’s talk. Abhi told the scene to Purab and asks to give him some idea so that she confesses her love in front of him. Purab asks him to place photos of Pragya in his room.

Abhi works on the plan and Dadi asks what he is doing? Abhi says he is just following Pragya’s order as she is his boss. He pretends like he is only following her orders.

Rachna brings Paanipuri for Tannu and tells her to be alert as everybody is keeping their eyes on her only. She taunts her. Pragya sees her photographs everywhere and she becomes happy to see that Abhi has done all this only for her.


Pragya tells Abhi she befooled him and taken advantage of him. Abhi becomes sad.