Prem & Simar Husband Wife? Sasural Simar Ka 9th May 2016 Episode Written Update

Prem & Simar Husband Wife? Sasural Simar Ka 9th May 2016 Episode Written Update :- The last night episode of the TV series “Sasural Simar Ka” started with Simar says to Prem that she wants to speak something to him but Prem said he doesn’t want to speak with Simar and he pushes Simar away. Now Prem says Mata Ji, I don’t want to marry with Chanda and now Chanda is also missing. Mata Ji asked to Prem where Chanda is.

Sasural Simar Ka Episode Written Update

Prem said I don’t know. Sid said if you know then tell me unless I am going to kill you both Prem and Prerna. Prem also discuss with them that he meet with a woman who wants to speak something to him but Prem did not speak with her. Sid and Mata Ji think that she must be Simar and asked to Prem about her that she is a con woman.

Sasural Simar Ka Episode Written Update

Sid also warns to Prerna do not discuss about these all our behaviour with Prem, unless I will kill you.
Now Simar again managed to catch Prem in the car and show him the photos and video of the Sujata in which Sujata asked to him to come back to his mom. And Sujata also asked him, how are you Beta. Tears come in both Sujata and Simar’s eyes and Prem became too emotional but he is unable to understand anything.

Now Prem is on his way to reach in the Bharadwaj house. In Bharadwaj house, Prerna had a fight with Chanda in which Prerna said to Chanda that she can’t marry Prem. Chanda said she will marry Prem, Prerna said to Chanda, you are doing this as it is your only way to enter in the Bharadwaj house and you want to take the Mata Ji’s place.

Even Prerna said to Chanda that I know even you want to kill Mata Ji, Mata Ji is stunned to hear so and Chanda now said to Mata Ji, she is lying. I love you Mata Ji and I trust you. And after marrying Prem, I am going to give you huge amount and Mata Ji comes in greed.

Chanda actually said this to Mata Ji to show her greed and Chanda also said to Mata Ji, even still if you want to trust Prerna, you can trust her, but I am right. And Chanda also shows her drama and she said to Mata Ji that she will be leaving the Bharadwaj house.

Precap: Simar says to Prem to comeback in the real Bharadwaj family as everybody is waiting for him. Now Simar also managed to bring Prem in the real Bharadwaj house where Sujata hugs him and Anjali come to him and call him Papa.
Sujata asked to Prem that I am your mother, she is Anjali your daughter and Simar is your wife. Prem is stunned to know so and became emotional.