Priya Mallik Reached To Grand Finale! Bigg Boss 9 15th January 2016 Episode

Priya Mallik Reached To Grand Finale! Bigg Boss 9 15th January 2016 Episode : The controversial TV reality shows “Bigg Boss 9” now very close to go in the grand finale and the housemates are gearing up to secure their positing in top 3 finalist list. They are doing their best to go there. They are doing the task with full dedications. Now “Bigg Boss 6” ex-participant Imam Siddique gives a task to the housemates who will be performing as per Imam’s instructions. Imam have right to even punishes the housemates who will be not following Imam’s order.

Priya Mallik Reached To Grand Finale! Bigg Boss 9 15th January 2016 Episode

Bigg Boss 9 15th January 2016 Episode

This week we already have participants’ including Prince Narula, Priya Mallik, Mandana Karimi, Keith and Rochelle Rao. Among them Prince Narula already selected as one of the contestant. Now exclusively, we are revealing it that Priya Mallik reportedly reached to the Grand Finale of “Bigg Boss 9”.

Tonight it will be shown that Priya Mallik who performed well among all in the task of Imam. So Imam selected her as the second finalist. Imam is here moreover for 2 weeks.

It is a cut throat competition to be in the “Bigg Boss house” and Imam introduced some bizarre behaviour, in the show for the housemates. It actually ruined the peace of the housemates by his activities and words.

After this task Imam also introduced new task in which he asked the all housemates some questions on their throughout the season behaviour, which made few housemates offended and few got hurt. Even some broke down with tears also.

Actually Imam chooses Priya as the finalist in his own Adalat that is called “Imam Ki Adalat”. With Imam the housemates disscuss about their journey to the “Bigg Boss 9” house and Imam finds Priya Mallik’s speech to be impressive hence chooses her as the 2nd finalist.

Prince is the first finalist, he has been chosen after Kishwar Merchant walks out from the show. But if Priya Mallik will be eliminated this week she will loos this opportunity as the choosing as 2nd finalist doesn’t gives immunity to her.

And if so then new finalist will be chosen by the “Bigg Boss 9” who will be compete with Prince Narula in the grand finale of “Bigg Boss 9”. In “Imam Ki Adalat” Imam will be also reveals the hidden strategies of the housemates which he get to know after taking interview to them.

The housemates will be also reveals to Imam in “Imam Ki Adalat” by standing in the Katghara of BB house that why each of them deserve to be in the finale.