Raavan & Prashuram Want to Fight With Ram: Siya Ke Ram 25th January 2016 Written Updates

Raavan & Prashuram Want to Fight With Ram: Siya Ke Ram 25th January 2016 Written Updates :- The last week episode of the TV serial “Siya Ke Ram” has been started with with Devi Parvati rejoicing about the union of Shri Ram and Devi Sita. She also speaks about the Shri Ram’s incarnation in human form. Mahadev replies about is because of the Dharma so many Rakshaks are there to harm human race.

siya ke ram

Ram born as human but he is actually a god to finish these demons. Parvati overwhelmed rd to hear that. Mahadev further says Narayan wants to set an example that truth and righteous life can be lived even in hard times and Gods help such human beings. Goddess Parvati said there must be a valid reason for which Ram and Sita married to each other.

Mahadev said yes the couple is reunion as they will be jointly doing the earth’s Uddhaar and write a new story of humanity. Ram and Sita smile seeing each other. Urmila wishes Sita blissful that her wishes’ are come true and she gets Ram as her life partner.

Next scene shows that Parshuram is angry with the breaking of the Dhanush. Now Janak welcomes Ram in Mithila and greets him. Anyway after arriving there Ram realised that Parshuram is angry with him.

Ram walks towards Parshuram and everybody is tensed. Ram decides to make Parshuram calm, and Ram is now walking towards Parshuram everybody is worry with the situations and about Ram says that he doesn’t wanted to insult Lord Shiva. Prashuram exaggerates the sin but Ram calms him down saying that elders just bless and not get angry. Parshuram is angrier with Ram and said to Ram that you are a sinner and you want me to forgive you. Don’t dare to argue with me you simply deserve punishment.

Ram denies this, and says a fight between Lord and Devottee is not right. But Parshuram still is in mood to calm down and he decides to fight with Ram. Laxman is so angry with this. Sita became sad and she cries.