Ragini expresses her love towards Lakshay! Swaragini 27th January Written Updates

Ragini expresses her love towards Lakshay! Swaragini 27th January Written Updates :- In the TV series “Swaragini” it has been shown in the last night episode that Ragini will be accepting her love towards Lakshay. It has been shown that Ragini united with Lakshay after a long struggle.

Ragini expresses her love towards Lakshay

Swaragini 27th January 2016 Written Updates

The next scene shows that Ragini said to Urvashi that blood is coming from her mum’s eyes. Urvashi said this is so as Jiji is unhappy with Swara and Sanskar’s marriage. But Shekhar thinks this is all blind-faith and non-sense. Meanwhile, Urvashi thinks that Jiji is also unhappy with this that Sumi takes her Jiji’s place in Shekhar’s life.

Urvashi thinks Swara might will be taking Ragini’s place in Lakshay’s life. That’s why Jiji is unhappy. Swara says blood was because of a chemical and shows it in mobile. She says that a lamp lying under photo in which red colour melted and that seems like blood is coming. Ragini says your mum snatched my mum’s love from Dad’s life.

Ragini says I’m not blaming our mum but dad never loved my mum like the way he loved your mum. Ragini also blames Swara that Swara snatches Kavita’s love Sanskar. Sanskar interrupted that it is not actually it is Sanskar’s own decidion to leave Swara and Kavita is happy with my re-united with Swara. In fact Kavita plays important role in our love life.

In the mean time, Lakshay is in plan with lawyer and he is in mission to leave Ragini as soon as possible. But Ragini who don’t know anything about Lakshay’s plan speaks with Lakshay that she wants to separated Swara and Sanskar and she can’t sit idle until they will be separated. In fact she wants Lakshay’s help to achieving her goal.

Shekhar informs Durga Prasad about the Grah Pooja and it has been decided that Sanskar will be giving a precious gift to Swara which is their ancestral necklace. Swara also invites Urvashi. Ragini checks some paper Laksh said to her this one is the Divorce paper!